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To read more about the Membership Options, please visit Membership Types

If you are ready to become an APEX Member, visit the New Member Application. 

How To Become a Member of APEX

First, fill out the New Member Application.  Then pay for your membership and find a New Member Orientation on our Calendar of Events that works for you.    New Member Orientations listed on our calendar are open to anyone over 18 who wishes to apply for membership. Please arrive on time. More details about the process are below, and most questions will be answered in your New Member Orientation.  If you want to attend a virtual orientation, please follow the instructions on the calendar to register for your spot!

What you need to bring

  • Government Issued Photo Identification that includes your birth date
  • Form of payment (Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards are all accepted) unless you paid online


The Process

All Membership types need to fill out the New Member Application.  Then pay for your membership and find a New Member Orientation on our Calendar of Events that works for you.  New Member Orientation which covers the APEX rules and basic etiquette, and a tour of the Club.


When Are Applications Approved?

New member applications are voted on approximately 90 days after you join at the Executive Committee meeting. The APEX Executive Committee vote upon all new membership applications per APEX Policy. During your “Temporary Membership” status, you will be afforded all of the rights and privileges of Membership. You will be contacted within 15 days of the vote if your membership is not approved for any reason.


If You Would Like More Information

If you would like more information before joining, please attend one of our “Open to the Community” events. There are  support opportunities called Special Interest Groups. that are open to non-members. These discussion groups are FREE to ALL consenting adults in the community, no APEX membership is required. If there is a subject you are interested in, you are welcome to attend.

You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you don’t find what you need on the web.


Renewing your APEX Membership

You can do this at the door of any event or on the Payment Gateway.


Membership Options

Couple’s Memberships

APEX does not offer a “couple’s” membership option. We all meet at APEX as equals, and no relationship style gets preferential treatment. Offering a “couple’s” membership would mean that couples are valued more than singles, poly families, triads, or any other relationship type, and that just isn’t what APEX is about.


Gendered Pricing

APEX does not offer special pricing based on genders (or lack of gender). Everyone is welcome at APEX and no gender (or lack of gender) is any more valuable than another, and we don’t need to engage in invasive conversation about your gender in order for you to be welcomed at APEX. Giving preferential treatment based on gender (or any construct or label) is just not how we work.


Guest Policy

APEX Members are NOT entitled to a guest or a +1 at APEX Events. Everyone needs their own membership. There is an Annual Guest Pass available to our Annual All Access Members. You can read more about that on the Membership Type page.


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