Membership Types

There are a number of ways to be a Member at APEX. Below are the different memberships available.
Available Memberships

Annual All-Access Memberships


  • This is the most cost-effective membership option for those who want to attend more than one party and class per month.
  • All-Access Members do not pay door fees for any normal event. (excludes Special Events and Intensives) You come to whatever you like, whenever you like. You only need to check-in at the desk.
  • In addition, after your first 30 days of club membership, as an All-Access Member, you receive a key fob that will give you access to parties after the door has closed and will enable you to use our speedy check-in when you arrive.  No standing in line, just tap and go!
  • When there is a material fee for a class, our All Access Members will be responsible for that, but there will be no entry fee.
  • There are other special privileges afforded to our All Access Members throughout the year. All Access Members also have the ability to purchase an Ancillary Membership.  Click here to skip to the Ancillary Membership.  
  • Our Annual All Access Members are the life blood of the club. We rely on these members to keep the doors open.  It's a great way to get your kink on AND support the club! 
  • The cost is $360.00 per year. It is discounted to $300.00 if paid all at once, or $30.00 each month as a recurring charge (12-month contract and auto pay via credit or debit card is required for this option).   

All-Access 30-Day Membership


  • This option is perfect for our Seasonal Residents.
  • This option gives you an All-Access Membership for 30 days at a time.  (Ancillary Memberships and key fobs are NOT available with this option).
  • The cost is $40.00.  

Standard Yearly Membership (Pay-Per-Event)


  • Members a much smaller annual fee, but pay the door fees for each event they attend. 
  • This is the most cost-effective option if you’re only coming to the club for one party or class per month or less.
  • This membership can be upgraded to All Access at any time.
  • During a high-attendance month, you can add on a 30-Day All-Access membership to make it even more cost effective.
  • Ancillary Membership and key fobs are not available with this membership type.
  • The cost is $45 per year and $5 per class and $20 per party.

Ancillary Membership

An Ancillary Membership is purchased annually by All Access Members, and gives you the ability to bring a guest to APEX events. The orientation requirement remains for your guest (24 hours prior to a play party), and some additional rules apply to guests:

  • New Member Orientation is required for each guest at least 24 hours prior to a party.
  • Guest must sign a waiver/release each time they attend
  • Guest must bring photo ID EACH TIME they attend
  • Guest must come with and leave with the member
  • The member is responsible for their guest's behavior.
  • The cost is $360 per year.  There is no discount for paying in full. 

The Ancillary Membership is only effective so long as the member has a valid All Access Membership.   Only one guest at a time is allowed to attend per Ancillary Membership, however you may bring a different guest each time so long as the above requirements are met.

New Member 90-Day Trial All-Access Membership

This membership can only be used a single time as a brand new member. This gives you an opportunity to get to know the club, and for the Membership to get to know you! We encourage all new members to get this option, you only get to be new once!

  • No entrance fees (except special events and material fees).
  • Key fobs and Ancillary Memberships are NOT available with this option
  • The cost is $70 for the first 90 days.  After this time you may choose one of the membership types listed above.  

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